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"I have been with your lunchtime class for more than 10 years and it has always been a pleasure to spend that 1 hour with you. I forget the difficult climb to the 4th floor once we start, and the decision never to come again disappears.

If I look back over all these years, I feel that every time it has been a new experience - there has never been a repetition of exercises, postures and mudras. I don't know how you arrange the permutations and combinations of those every time, particularly when you have so many classes every week.

Your running commentary, explaining the benefits to every part of our anatomy - organs, muscles, joints, tendons etc. make it so much more interesting and meaningful, punctuated by your sense of humour.

Most importantly, during these years you very subtly have taken us to the next level gradually, every now and then using different interesting equipment.

I would like to say a lot more, but my limited English allows me to express only this much.

Thank you ever so much for being our guru - would never want to go anywhere else except this 4th floor place.

Love, Pushpa"